Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes

Oct 09

The computer and the use of the Internet have provided such great benefits to the world today and have greatly helped in advancing our lives. However, with such high-tech and powerful tool, many people have also taken advantage of the internet for their own personal gain. In order to help, protect, and ensure the safety of everyone using their computers and the internet, computer crime laws have been passed and implemented in and around the United States. These laws are enforced to cover a wide variety of conducts that may damage or intervene with normal computer operations.

There are a number of cyber crimes that can be committed using a computer. One of the most common cyber crimes is computer hacking, where a person uses a computer to “break-into” another computer in order to damage or disrupt that computers’ system, functions, or network. Computer hacking is also widely used to get private information from another person, and usually exploited maliciously.  Unauthorized access can also be considered hacking, because these actions are used to get information, intercept information and even changing resources without the owners’ consent.

The effects of cybercrime are widespread and varied. Many people are even committing them without knowing they are doing it. This may have dire consequences on their life, as the penalties for cybercrimes are harsh and severe. Internet cybercrimes are covered under the California Penal Code §502, which values the “protection of the integrity of all types and forms of lawfully created computers, computer systems, and computer data is vital to the protection of the privacy of individuals as well as to the well-being of financial institutions, business concerns, governmental agencies, and others within this state that lawfully utilize those computers, computer systems, and data.

In order to protect your rights as an individual when you think you have been accused of a cyber attack, immediately contacting a lawyer would be the best course of action. Legal representation during such situation is vital in making sure your rights and interests are vindicated. Not everyone accused of a crime are guilty, therefore your rights should be maintained thoroughly. Furthermore, internet cybercrime laws are fairly new, and since not everyone is familiar with it, many of the accused do not fully understand the charges they are facing and will not be able to defend themselves properly. A lawyer will be the one who will guide and represent them through the whole process in order to reduce charges and even have them dropped completely.