The Issue of Work Accidents

The Issue of Work Accidents

Jun 12

If you’ve had any type of dangerous or risky job, chances are your boss made you go through intense training to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. People in the food industry, an industry that is thought of as relatively safe, need to have a Food Handler’s certificate before they can prepare food and sell it to the public.

Doctors go through years of medical school and then residency before they have patients’ lives put in their hands. Before construction workers are allowed to go to the job site, they undergo rigorous meetings and training sessions to keep themselves out of harm’s way.

On top of this, there is a system of checks and balances that are in place so that these workers have somewhere to turn if they get hurt on the job.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is a subset of the Department of Labor. OSHA was designed to help create and maintain safe working conditions for people in the labor force. They provide training and inspections that make sure that these conditions are of good enough quality for people to keep working.

Some guidelines that construction sites have to meet before it is deemed safe to work on including no exposed wires and workers must wear hard hats. As long as the workers follow the rules set forth for them, they should expect to be fairly safe during the workday.

This being said, the workers can only take so many precautions themselves. While wearing proper protective gear and finishing training is a must for these people, sometimes it’s not enough.

Construction sites are often under tight deadlines, and if even one person fails to complete their assigned tasks, construction will grind to a halt.

Failing to meet those deadlines looks bad for the company, and it may be harder for them to get jobs in the future. Because of this, supervisors sometimes put the job ahead of their workers.

Negligent supervisors can ignore the breaks that workers are required by law to have, and can threaten to fire employees if they don’t stay late to finish the job. They can even neglect the worksite and let it become a dangerous place to work if they are in big enough of a hurry.

When these bosses act in this manner, the employees are the ones who suffer. In addition to feeling overworked and underpaid, the employees face an increased risk of danger. Working with heavy machinery such as cranes and forklifts can be even riskier than normal if the worksite is unsafe, resulting in catastrophic injury.

If you find yourself injured on the job because of a negligent foreman, contact Greenville injury lawyers. They will fight to get you a settlement that helps cover your medical expenses and lost wages while you recover.

An unsafe work environment is one that can cost you your life. Don’t let your employers get away with their greed; a bad review on a company website will never be more important than your well-being.

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